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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Dentist in Melbourne

There are three main mistakes when choosing a dentist in Melbourne. Let's have a look at it

Gingival interdental papilla

Interdental papilla is a triangular piece of soft tissue in between two teeth. It consists of gum tissue and it is important for esthetics of the smile

Trying To Buy A Dental Office? Here Is What You Need To Do

Steps you need to take before buying a dental practice

What is a dental black triangle?

Teeth black triangles or dental black triangles are the pyramidal dark areas in between two adjacent teeth which appear due to gum disease and gingival loss or poor dental crowns

What is corticotomy?

Corticotomy is cutting away the cortical part of the bone and leaving the periosteum intact. This will facilitate faster orthodontic treatment or bone growth navigation

Why Do People Travel Abroad For Dental Care?

Dental tourism abroad is booming and this is for a reason

What is Cusp of Carabelli?

Carabelli cusp is an additional cusp located at the palatal surface of the first upper molar tooth

Snap-On Smile review

Snap-on smile is a custom removable splint which makes your teeth look better by improving their shape and color

Cheek implants or Malar implants for cheekbone enhancement

Cheek implants also known as Malar implants enhance the shape and volume of the face cheekbones

Benefits of Visiting A Cosmetic Dentist In Vancouver

Cosmetic dentist from Vancouver gives a few tips to dental patients about cosmetic dentistry

What is oral lichen planus?

Lichen planus is a autoimmune disorder which manifests with areas of thin white plaque on the skin, mucosa and oral cavity

Everything you should know about translucent teeth

What you need to know about translucent teeth

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