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What are Buck Teeth?

Buck teeth are teeth which are sticking forward. The dental term for buck teeth is overjet

Quad Helix orthodontic appliance

Quad Helix is orthodontic appliance, made of thin wire, used to expand constricted dental arches

What is the difference between dental chisel and osteotome?

Osteotome is a bi-bevelled dental instrument with two cutting edges on the working end. It is shaped like a narrow wedge. Dental chisel is bevelled on one side of the working end. This is the chisel's active working side

What is Tooth Mousse?

Tooth Mousse is a dental gel used to strengthen the enamel and reduce teeth sensitivity

Swindon Dentist shares 5 signs you need to see a dentist

Leading dentist in UK shares several signs and symptoms, which should be alarming for your oral health

What hand sanitizer is most effective against Coronavirus?

Hand sanitizers based on alcohol dissolves the lipid membrane of the virus and kills it. Hand sanitizers with a soap base disconnects the virus from the surface and mechanically disengages it from the skin.

Dental School Personal Statement Writing Tips for Successful Application

How to create a personal statement when applying in the leading dental schools

Coronavirus Jokes and Humor

Coronavirus quotes, jokes and black humor

How to Use a Medical Face Mask

Disposable medical masks have 3 layers. The outer layer, colored in blue or green, is fluid-repelling. Central layer is the filtering barrier for germs, the inside layer absorbs exhaled fluids.

Debunking 5 of the most notorious Dental Myths

A list of dental myths, that many people believe in

Tooth Brushing Techniques

All different types and methods of brushing your teeth. This is how teeth brushing techniques differ from each other

3 Ways to get the most out of your Dental Insurance Policy

A guide on finding the best insurance policies on the market. What we should be looking for in a dental insurance plan?

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