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What happens if a baby tooth doesn’t fall out?

Retained baby teeth (deciduous teeth that haven't fallen out) can be observed due to lack of permanent bud, wroung eruption path of underlying permanent tooth or various pathological conditions

Should the dental hygienist perform scaling procedure around my dental implants?

Different equipment should be used when performing dental scaling around tooth implants

What happens if a part of baby tooth is left in the gum?

Parts of baby teeth should be extracted in order to avoid future oral infections

Can I have a dental filling done if I’m currently pregnant?

Pregnant women cannot have tooth fillings in the first trimester but they can have a dental filling done in the second and third trimester

How To Dress For Your First Job In The Medical Field

What is the dress code and how you should dress up in the medical professionals field

A Guide to Braces: Who Needs Braces and When to Get Them?

Orthodontic advice for every age group about braces and teeth straightening

Should I pull out my child’s wobbly tooth?

If the baby tooth has no root and is very wobbly - then you can pull it out with a swift vertical pressure. If the wobbliness is caused by trauma, then don't pull it out and ask your dentist what to do

6 Medicines to Use if You Want to Improve the Health of Your Mouth

Six medicines that can help improve your dental health

Tips to Make Your Tooth Filling Last Longer

Don’t let tooth issues damper your pearly whites. With composite tooth fillings, smile to your heart’s contents. Here is how you should care for them.

Why And When Should X-Ray Cassette Holders Be Used?

X-ray cassettes are used for taking radiographs. The xray cassette contains the imaging plates and films where the image is revealed

How To Know You Have The Best Dentist

Finding the right dentist for your dental health needs is difficult. Here we have a few tips on choosing the best dentist for your situation

Intraosseous injections

Intraosseous injection is a needle anaesthetic applied inside the bone

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