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Your Unpaid Dental Office Bills Need a Debt Collector ASAP!

Your dental practice needs a debt collector to collect all unpaid bills and boost up the income

Gingival bleeding on probing BOP

Bleeding on probing is part of periodontal tests and measurements to determine the condition of the gums

Wrist exercises for dentists

Exercises for dentists can reduce hand pain and avoid permanent damage in the wrists

What Makes Dr. Bobbi Peterson So Popular Among Celebrities

Dr. Bobbi Peterson is a celebrity dentist located at Brooklyn New York

The Importance Of Having Regular Dental Exams

This is why it is important to have regular dentist check-ups

How Bhandal Dentistry can help you with your dental problems during coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dental issues solved by Bhandal Dentistry during pandemic times

Reasons Why Proper Dental Care For Seniors Is Highly Important

Dental care for seniors, or geriodontics, is a special branch of dentistry dealing with senior patients

What Is A Routine Dental Check-up And Why Is It Important?

Routine dental check-ups help in various ways. Let's look at the benefits

Reasons Why You Might Want to Visit an Orthodontist

Orthodontic misalignment of teeth can cause various issues. We have listed a few reasons for fixing the malocclusion and visit the orthodontist

Arnica – Homeopathic remedy for toothache

Arnica is a herb commonly used for treating toothache

Astringent gingival retraction paste

Gingival astringent retraction paste is used after tooth preparation and aims at reducing bleeding and retracting the soft tissues before teeth impression

Can dental veneers cause a lisp?

Dental veneers can interfere with the speech and cause a change in certain sounds, producing a lisp

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