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Things To Know About Alcohol & Oral Hygiene

Alcohol can negatively affect your teeth and oral health

Considerations When Choosing a Medical Billing App

Choosing the correct medical billing app has a direct implication on the successful workflow and positive income

5 Tips to Improve Your Dental Practice

5 useful and practical tips to increase the growth and improve your dental practice business

Stages of a loose tooth

Loose tooth stages go through gingivitis, periodontitis and severe gum disease with bone loss. Other reasons for teeth mobility is ortho treatment and trauma

Are You A Good Candidate For Invisalign Braces?

Teeth straightening with Invisalign works well given the fact that a few requirements are met. Here we've got a few clinical, medical and social factors into Invisalign treatment results

Dental Practice Growth Strategies

A few practical tips on growing a dental practice business

Can Poor Oral Health Lead To Esophageal Cancer? - Answered!

Poor dental health is linked to many cancereous conditions including esophageal cancer

What Is Dental Botox?

Dental botox treatment is a procedure involving the intramuscular injection of botulinum toxin into the facial muscles

How the Online World Revolutionized Dental Care

The new era of dentistry revolutionized the best prctices in dental care

Why do my teeth have lines in it?

Enamel lines are also called craze lines. These vertical hairline marks on teeth are actually superficial cracks which normally do not progress further

Can I have a scale and polish procedure done during pregnancy?

Teeth scaling and polishing can be carried out during pregnancy. The best time to do this is the second and third trimester of pregnancy

Can a child choke on a loose tooth while sleeping?

Swallowing a baby tooth is not dangerous. Aspirating (breathing in) a milk tooth can be dangerous but is extremely rare

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