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What is TMJ Arthroscopy procedure?

Arthroscopy is a diagnostic procedure which reveals the anatomical structure of the temporomandibular joint through a device called arthroscope

What is Ante's Law in dentistry?

Ante's Law advocates that, when planning a dental bridge, the ratio of the crown and root of the abutment teeth should be equal or greater to the surface of the teeth being restored

Effective Marketing Strategies That Are Designed For Healthcare Professionals

Online marketing tactics for medical professionals to boost their online presence

What is the difference between cold sores and mouth ulcers?

Cold sore is also called oral herpes. It is caused by Herpes Simplex Virus. Mouth ulcers are known as canker sores. They are caused by trauma or immune system deficiencies. Cold sores are contagious, mouth ulcers are not

What is the difference between apron and gown?

Main differences between different type of dental aprons and surgical medical gowns

What is the difference between fixed retainer and removable retainer?

Main differences between fixed bonded retainers and removable splint retainers after orthodontic treatment

What are Vegicaps?

Vegicaps are vegetarian capsules. They consist of products derived from plants only.

What is subgingival curettage?

Subgingival curettage is root planning below the gum margins, or cleaning the teeth tartar in the teeth pockets and root surfaces

How Dentists Use MRI and CT Scans Systems To Serve Their Patients Better

CT scans and MRI scans are becoming popular among dentists for their dental diagnostics and treatments

What are Bicortical dental implants or Basal implants

Bicortical dental implants, or basal implants, are attached to two cortical plates - the alveolar ridge cortical bone and the basal cortical bone of nose, sinus or mandible.

The Vital Importance Of Bloodborne Pathogen Training

What are bloodborne pathogens and what is a bloodborne pathogen carrier

The First Time at the Dentist

First dental appointment in your lifetime is a delicate experience. What should you know about the very first visit at the dentist

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