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Benefits of CBD for Oral Health

Did you know cannabidiol is good for your gums and teeth? Learn about the impressive benefits of CBD for great oral health. Know how to use CBD orally

What is a dental fistula?

Dental fistula is a passage made by pathogenic bacteria in the mouth, which make their way through the gums to drain in the oral cavity

Elugel for dental use

Elugel is an antiseptic gel for dental use. It consists of consists of 0.2% chlorhexidine and kills pathogenic bacteria causing gingivitis and gum disease

Enamel infraction

Breakage and weakening of the tooth enamel structure is called enamel infraction. It presents itself with micro cracks and small chips in the incisal edges of teeth

How A Well-Designed Waiting Room Can Transform The Patient Experience

The interior design of dental or medical practice can change the perception of patient's experience

What Treatments Are Considered Cosmetic Dentistry?

Several dental treatments considered to improve the outlook of the smile and therefore classed as cosmetic dentistry

How To Take Proper Care Of Your Kid's Braces

Orthodontic braces should be looked after. Here are a few tips to teach your child about keeping the braces or clear aligners sound and effective

Important Things To Think About Before Getting Dental Implants

Several things you need to consider before the commencement of dental implant placement

What is the difference between angular cheilitis, impetigo, eczema and cold sores?

How to differentiate cold sores, angular cheilitis, eczema and impetigo from each other

Nance palatal arch appliance

Orthodontic Nance palatal arch is a passive fixed orthodontic appliance, which is used to retain space around the premolar region

Alvogyl medication for dry socket treatment

Alvogyl or Alveogyl is a medicament used to treat dry socket infections

What is bifurcation and trifurcation in a tooth?

Tooth bifurcation and tooth trifurcation refers to the anatomical area in between the roots of the premolar or molar. Bifurcation is between 2 roots and trifurcation is the area between the 3 roots

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