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Decoding Dental Damage: Cigarettes vs. Vaping

Both vaping and smoking cigarettes are damaging your gums

5 Different Causes of Tooth Decay -- and How to Improve the Condition of Your Teeth

Five causes for getting dental caries more often than you should

The Impact of Digital Dentistry on Dental Care

Digital dentistry is now the preferred method for doing dental work

Wisdom Teeth Removal - A Quick Fix For a Better Smile

Getting rid of your wisdom teeth early can positively impact the rest of the dentition

What to Expect During and After Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery

There are a few symptoms during wisdom tooth extraction - pain, swelling, bleeding and temperature

The Benefits of Porcelain Veneers - A Comprehensive Review

Porcelain or ceramic veneers have many functional and esthetic advantages

Daily Habits For Oral Health: Simple Steps To Preventive Care

What daily habits you can apply as preventative measures to protect your dental health

All on Four Implants - A Permanent Solution for Temporary Teeth Loss

When you loose your teeth you can replace it with all on four dental implants

Say Goodbye to Dentures - All on Four Implants Offer a Permanent Solution

Dentures can be replaced with all on four dental technique

All on Four Implants - Revolutionizing the Way We Replace Missing Teeth

All on four dental technique is a quick and efficient way to restore edentuluous patients

Building Healthy Habits: The Role of a Family Dentist in Your Oral Health, Mississauga Dentists

How to build healthy dental habits to maintain good oral health

Ellis classification for tooth fracture

Roy Ellis classifies teeth fractures into several different categories. This categorization is known in dentistry as Ellis classification

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