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What is Lucia Jig?

Lucia Jig is a dental appliance which navigates the occlusion into centric relation

Why choose Turkey for your dental treatment

Dental tourism in Turkey is booming and is becoming a hotspot for dental tourists

How To Get Rid Of Tooth Nerve Pain Fast

Remedies for toothache - short term, long term and preventive remedies for tooth pain

How to take care of your teeth when you’re unemployed and uninsured

How to maintain good oral health when you are on a budget

What is the difference between dental dehiscence and fenestration?

Tooth root exposure which begins from the alveolar margin is dental dehiscence. Root exposure without alveolar margin involvement, looking like window-like root exposure, is called dental fenestration

Why should I keep my toothbrush away from the toilet?

Keep your toothbrush away from the toilet to avoid bacterial contamination

Top 10 analgesics to fight tooth pain

Best 10 medications which relief toothache

Endo-Perio Lesion

Endo-perio inflammation consists of bacterial contamination within and around the tooth. Deep pocketing and necrotic pulp are present. This tooth will have a poor prognosis and may need to be removed

How Medications and Drugs Affect Your Teeth

A list of medicaments and their effect on oral health and teeth

What is hemosinus?

Hemosinus occurs after breakage of the sinus walls. Blood vessels supplying the paranasal sinuses rupture and the blood fills up the sinus. Maxillary and frontal sinuses are the most vulnerable to hemosinus

Cosmetic Dentistry – How to Finance Your Dream Smile

What are your option when it comes to financing your dental bill

Aerosol generating procedures in dentistry

Aerosol generating procedures AGP in dentistry are ultrasonic scaling, 3 in 1 dental syringe, air polishing and piezo handpieces

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