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Useful Hacks For People With Diabetes On How To Stay Safe

Diabetes safety awareness and tricks to keep you on the safe side

Dental Services That are Covered by Medicare

Dental procedures which are financially supported by Medicare

15 facts about flossing

15 fun and interesting facts about teeth flossing

What is overeruption of teeth

Teeth overeruption appears when the opposing tooth is missing and the existing tooth shifts into the gap

Top 10 ionic toothbrushes

Ionic toothbrush does not vibrate or move. It uses reversed polarity to clean the surface of the teeth. These are the best 10 ionic toothbrushes you can find up until now

Is Oral Sex Safe With Braces?

Oral sex can be dangerous with brackets and braces on your teeth. Here are the answers to a few uncomfortable questions you will not dare asking your dentist about

Dental Health Is A Necessity For Ideal Health

Good dental health will make you improve your overall health too

What is Dentacoin Foundation?

Dentacoin Foundations is the first dental Ethereum-based crypto project which aims to solve problems for both patients and dentists in this challenging world.

What causes hiccups?

Hiccups are caused by spasms in the diaphragm muscle

Why do I keep biting my cheek?

Cheek biting can be a bad habit, unintentional, accidental, caused by mental disorder or occlusal dental issue

 What Receding and Bleeding Gums Can Reveal About Your Overall Health

Gum disease can be connected to other medical conditions in your body

What tablet form is easiest to swallow?

Easiest to swallow pill is film-covered and oval-shaped tablet

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