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How Dental Problems Can Cause High Blood Pressure

Dental issues can cause changes in the blood pressure

Application of Digital Technology in Oral Health Care

Here, we look at how technology has helped to revolutionize the oral health care industry. Check it out; it's fascinating stuff.

What Leadership Skills Do Nurse Practitioners Need?

Dental and medical nurse practitioners should possess particular leadership skills to boost the efficiency of the dental and medical practice

Basic dental tips you need to know

Dental tips and advice from dentists and professionals in the dental field

Dental instrument disinfection and COVID-19: dental practice safety

How to disinfect dental instruments properly in the times of the pandemic outburst

Dental pulp horns

Dental horn are extensions of the pulp chamber which are situated towards the cusps. They are the closest part of the dental pulp to the occlusal chewing surface

Health Information Exchange (HIE) Integrations Possibilities

Healthcare information software makes it easier to integrate clinical data and helps the workflow of dental and medical professionals

Reasons Why People are Afraid of Dentists

Objects and actions that people are afraid of when going to the dentist office

What is shear and tensile bond strength of dental resin composite?

Tensile strength refers to the maximum stress a material can withstand before it dislodge. Shear strength refers to the resistance of a material before it dislodge against a shearing mode of loading

Curve of Spee

Curve of Spee is a natural curve formed by the lower teeth when following the occlusal surfaces from the anterior towards the posterior teeth

Dental Hygiene: How to Care for Your Child's Teeth?

How to perform proper dental hygiene for your children and look after their oral health

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