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Gingival sulcus of the tooth

What is a gingival sulcus of the tooth and how to examine its condition, measure the anatomy and determine the health of the tooth sulcus

Training in Sports Medicine: From Theory to Practice

Useful guide if you decide to pursue a career in sports medicine

What is tooth concussion?

Concussion of a tooth refers to the mildest forms of tooth injury. Following a traumatic impact, the tooth is not displaced or mobile but only sensitive on touch or percussion

What is subluxation of tooth?

Tooth subluxation is a trauma condition in which the tooth-supporting structures are injured, leading to tooth loosening within the socket. However, there is no change in the position of the tooth

The Root of the Problem: Everything You Need to Know About Root Canals

Endodontic treatment explained in layman terms. Advice what to do after root canal treatment

How Long Do Dental Fillings Last And When Do You Need Replacement?

Life expectancy of dental fillings and when they need to be replaces with new ones

5 Types of Dental Emergencies and How to Handle Them

How to handle 5 different types of emergency situations in dentistry, which involve discomfort and toothache

4 Reasons Why Foreigners Like Thai Dental Clinics

Four reasons to choose Thailand as a tourist destination and dental care provider

When Is The Best Time To Get Veneers?

Time-wise there is a suitble moments in life to have your dental veneers. Have a look at the best times to think about this cosmetic option

6 Foods to Avoid to Keep Your Dental Health in Shape

Six food we need to avoid in order to keep good dental health

4 Conditions That Require Emergency Dental Care

Four conditions that require urgent dental attention and are classed as emergency situations

When Is The Best Time To Consider Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Several findings can lead to the conclusion that you need to change something in your teeth appearance

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