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5 Ways How Exercise Improves Teeth Health

Physical exercises can improve dental health in several ways

5 Ways To Protect Your Teeth While Doing Sports

5 ideas for protecting your teeth while practicing teeth dangerous sports

What are Mulberry molar teeth?

Mulberry molars possess globular occlusal surfaces resembling the mulberry fruits. Mulberry teeth are associated with congenital syphilis transmitted from the mother to the child

Arestin antimicrobial microspheres for periodontal treatment

Arestin is a medication in form of microspheres used to treat periodontitis and gum disease

Top Tips On How To Deal With Teeth Infection

Practical advice on dealing with dental infections

5 Reasons To Adopt Teledentistry In Your Dental Practice

Every dentist you know seems to be onto teledentistry, and you’re wondering why. Read this blog post to understand why and why you should adopt it as well.

6 Best Tips For a Healthy Smile

6 useful tips for better oral health and better looking smile

What is keto breath?

Keto breath is different to halitosis and consists of foul breath due to breakdown of fats and its metabolites

Dental Malpractice: An Easy Guide for Filing a Claim

How to file a claim for dental malpractice

Five Health Benefits of Probiotics

Probiotics have multiple health benefits. We've listed five major ones that are worth knowing

Peri-implant mucositis

Inflammation of the mucosa around the dental implant is known as peri-implant mucositis. If this condition persists, it progresses into peri-implantitis

A Guide To Finding The Best Dentist In Your Neighborhood

How to find the most qualified dentist in your neighbourhood

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