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How acid reflux and GERD can damage your teeth?

GERD is a condition which causes stomach acid to ascend through the esophagus into the oral cavity. This acid reflux causes teeth erosion

Can vaping stain your teeth?

Vaping causes less staining of the teeth than cigarette smoking

What Causes Black Spots on Teeth and How Can a Dentist Cure It?

Black spots on your teeth can be treated successfully by the dentist

What Does an Equine Dentistry Exam Involve?

Horses are sedated for their dental examination. The vet dentist takes around half an hour to finish the oral and teeth check up.

What is Acousticophobia?

Acousticophobia, also known as ligyrophobia or phonophobia, refers to an intense aversion to or fear of loud or unexpected noise

Importance of Choosing Your Dental Services Provider Wisely

Factors to consider when choosing a dental services provider

What is Periochip?

Periochip is a small film-like chip which gets inserted into the periodontal pocket of the tooth to release medicaments helping fight the gum disease

What does TDS mean in dental and medical prescription?

In medicine and dentistry TDS is the abbreviation for ter die sumendus which stands for three times a day

Why You Need to Remove Metal Fillings

Silver amalgam fillings can be replaced because of esthetics, avoiding tooth fracturing, wear and tear and mercury excretion

How to Make SEO Bring in Clients to Your Dental Practice

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the act of ranking a website higher in the search engines. Nowadays this is especially important for dentists and dental practices

Palatine rugae in the mouth

Palatal rugae are located behind the upper front teeth in the slope of the palate. Palatine rugae are series of slopes and folds within the palatal mucosa

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