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What is edge-to-edge bite

Edge to edge bite means that the upper teeth meet and lower teeth with their incisal edges. Edge-to-edge occlusion is considered a form of malocclusion

How To Improve Your Health And Be More Comfortable

Tips on improving overall health and confidence

How To Safely And Effectively Deal With Body And Facial Scars

How to mask and treat body and facial skin scars

What Is Medical Device Regulation And How It Changed Over The Years

Medical devices for doctors and dentists have changed their regulations over the past years. Let see how

What is the difference between keratinized and non-keratinized mucosa?

Keratinized gingival mucosa is a strong biological barrier consisting of dead and hardened cells. Non-keratinized mucosa is a weaker barrier in the mouth and consists of living cells

Rodogyl antibiotic for dental use

Rodogyl is antibacterial antibiotic for dental use containing a combination of two different antibiotics - Metronidazole and Spiramycin

Learn How To Make Your Smile White And Bright Fast

How to recreate shiny white smile in several different ways

9 Tips To Keep Your Teeth Clean In Between Dentist Visits

Advice on keeping teeth healthy and clean without the active help from the dentist

Which Medical Plans Are The Most Popular Among The Majority Of The People

Health maintenance plans and health savings plans which are worth looking into

Dental leaf gauge

Dental leaf gauge is a device for determining optimal occlusion in different parts of the dental arches

What to Know Before Becoming a Dentist

A few things you should know before becoming a dentist and dedicating yourself to the profession

Dentinogenesis imperfecta

Dentinogenesis imperfecta is a genetic condition affecting the structure of the tooth dentin. It makes the teeth darker and weaker

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