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Lateral Luxation of tooth - prognosis, management and treatment

Lateral luxation is when the tooth is dislocated in sideways position and the dental socket is broken

How soon can I eat after I've had a scale and polish?

You can eat straight away but avoid hard chewy foods, hot, spicy and crunchy foods

Changing the Dental Implant Landscape: The Impact of Immediate Loading

Immediate loading means placing implants and putting the dental restorations immediately. This is considered a game-changer in esthetic implant dentistry

The Road to a Perfect Smile: Overcoming the Dental Effects of Smoking

How to limit the effect of smoking and improve dental health

Can I have a dental filling done if I've got a cold sore?

You can have a tooth filling done whilst suffering from cold sores. The risk is that you can pass the infection to the dentist and dental nurse if they are not well protected

How to do tooth autotransplantation and why?

Tooth autotransplantation is when the dentist extracts two teeth on the same patient and transplants one tooth from one location to another tooth socket

How soon can I eat after I've had a tooth filling done?

You can eat straight after a composite filling. Please wait at least two hours after you've had an amalgam filling and a glass ionomer filling

From Pulled Wisdom Teeth as Good Luck Charms to Broad-Front-Teeth Travellers – 4 Dental Superstitions

Superstitions connected to dentistry and dental situations - which are the 4 most popular dental superstitions

Cosmetic Dentistry in Meridian, ID: Enhancing Smiles for a Brighter Tomorrow

In this article, we will explore the wonders of cosmetic dentistry in Meridian, ID, and how it can help you achieve the smile you've always dreamed of

The Evolution of the Nursing Profession: Challenges, Opportunities, and Future Trends

The job of a medican or dental nurse is essential to the diagnostic and treatment process. The nursing profession has evolved in many ways in the recent years

Safeguarding Seniors: Ensuring Regulatory Compliance in Nursing Homes

Nursing homes fall under multiple regulations due to the specifics of the residents. Safeguarding the seniors is the main focus in these regulations

Bodybuilding and dental health - What are the correlations?

Bodybuilders are at risk for their dental health. Main affecting factors are dietary specifics, clenching and the effect of anabolic steroids

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