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Alvogyl medication for dry socket treatment

Alvogyl or Alveogyl is a medicament used to treat dry socket infections

What is bifurcation and trifurcation in a tooth?

Tooth bifurcation and tooth trifurcation refers to the anatomical area in between the roots of the premolar or molar. Bifurcation is between 2 roots and trifurcation is the area between the 3 roots

Dental clinic interior design tips

Design ideas for dental businesses

Study Dentistry Abroad: The Basics and Best Schools

In the field of medicine, dental education abroad is considered popular and prestigious. Let's look at the basics of studying to become a dentist, as well as the best schools in the world

Types of Dental Treatments: Explained

Most commonly performed dental procedures explained in simple terms

How to Grow Your Dental Practice

Good practices on how to grow your dental practice as a business

How To Know When To Take Your Child To The Dentist

Your children should be taken to the dentist earlier than you think

What is pressed ceramic dental crown?

Pressed ceramic dental crowns are made by taking ingots of ceramic, heat pressing them, and finally firing it in an oven to achieve strong and esthetic porcelain restoration

What is incipient caries?

Incipient dental caries is the initial stage of dental decay which manifests with demineralization of enamel and change of color

What is immediate loading of dental implants?

Immediate loading of a dental implants is a technique where the placement of the implant is done immediately after the removal of the tooth and the final restoration is placed within 48 hours

Intraligamentary anaesthesic injection for tooth numbing

Intraligamentary anaesthesia is infiltrating the dental anesthetic inside the periodontal pocket of the tooth to achieve numbing effect

How to Legally Protect Yourself as a Medical Worker

Medical professionals are exposed to a high risk and need to be protected by special indemnity insurance

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