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Enamel Microabrasion

Enamel microabrasion involves removing the superficial enamel layer in order to improve discolorations within the enamel tissues

What is Embalming and why you must not inject disinfectants

Injecting disinfectants in your body is called embalming. It is extremely dangerous and highly fatal to inject any form of disinfectant in your muscles and veins

What is Ferrule in Dentistry?

Ferrule is a circular band of tooth structure (mostly consisting of dentin) used to support the dental crown after tooth preparation

What is Piezosurgery in dentistry?

Piezosuegery is used in dentistry to cut soft tissues and bone. Piezosurgery uses electric currents and vibrations to achieve its effect

Osteogenesis Imperfecta

Osteogenesis Imperfecta is a genetic disorder also known as brittle bone disease

What is gleeking?

Gleeking meaning shooting saliva off the mouth like a spray. Gleeking is also known as gleeting, gleaking, glanding, glything and gleeping

What is Periosteum?

Periosteum is connective tissue layer, which covers the bones and helps nourishing, healing and reconstruction of the bone tissue

Key Components of Successful Orthodontic Practice

Guiding tips on how to run orthodontic dental practice

What are Buck Teeth?

Buck teeth are teeth which are sticking forward. The dental term for buck teeth is overjet

Quad Helix orthodontic appliance

Quad Helix is orthodontic appliance, made of thin wire, used to expand constricted dental arches

What is the difference between dental chisel and osteotome?

Osteotome is a bi-bevelled dental instrument with two cutting edges on the working end. It is shaped like a narrow wedge. Dental chisel is bevelled on one side of the working end. This is the chisel's active working side

What is Tooth Mousse?

Tooth Mousse is a dental gel used to strengthen the enamel and reduce teeth sensitivity

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