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4 Tips To Help You Take Proper Care Of Your Teeth

4 ideas for better oral health care and beneficial dental habits

Phocal discs with fluoride

Phocal fluoride disks can be placed in the interdental space to strengthen the enamel and prevent from dental cavities in between the teeth

When Is an All-on-4 Dental Treatment Plan The Best Option?

All on 4 dental treatment means placing an implant retained denture on top of four dental implants, sometimes on the same day. Let's see when this is possible

Emerging Dental Technologies and Treatments

How is modern technology influencing the dental field and procedures in dentistry

Looking for a Dentist? Here’s How to Choose the Right One

Choosing the correct dentist for your need has to follow several basic criteria

5 Amazing Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry from Vancouver You Might Not Know

We are looking into the quality of the cosmetic dentistry in the city of Vancouver

20 facts about teeth

20 interesting and cool facts about your teeth

What to do when you have a loose dental bracket

Loose orthodontic brackets can be secured with dental wax but they need to be reattached at the correct spot by the orthodontist

5 Tips For Finding The Right Dentist in Chattanooga

How to find the right dentist if you live in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Veneers Cost

How much do veneers cost if you go abroad as a dental tourist

Top Ways to Treat The Symptoms Of Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea reasons may vary from sleeping positing, increased weight, blocked nose or anatomical variations

Tongue Scraping: What Is It And What Are Its Pros And Cons

Tongue scraping is brushing away the debris on the tongue surface. Sweeping off the bacterial biofilm eliminates bad breath and other oral issues

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