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Taking Care of Your Oral Health and Getting That Perfect Smile

Perfecting your smile and improving dental health

What are the possible causes of yellow teeth?

There are several factors that can cause teeth to turn yellow. Find out what these are so you will know how to prevent or reverse teeth discoloration.

Can an Oral Infection Cause Digestive Problems?

Dental infections can cause tummy ache and digestive issues

Can I use clove oil to relieve toothache?

Clove oil is a remedy for tooth pain and can relief toothache

Kids and Nail Biting: Correcting The Problem Before it Gets Worse

Tips and tricks to make your kid stop nail biting

What is Vasovagal syncope?

Vasovagal syncope happens due to dysfunction in the regulation of the Vagus nerve on the blood vessels

Trypanophobia – Fear of needles

Trypanophobia is a medical condition which is described as severe fear of needles

What is lateral excursion?

Jaw teeth lateral excursion is a sideways movement to left or right of your mandible (lower jaw) until disoccluding the top and bottom dental arch

5 Highest-Earning Dental Specialties To Pursue

These are the 5 highest paid dental specialists

Dental contraster for intraoral photographs

Dental contrasters are used for taking pictures of teeth, with dark color as background. This allows the dentist and patient to concentrate on the details of tooth esthetics.

Dental Compomers

Dental compomer is a tooth restorative material used in dentistry. Compomers combine the qualities of resin composite material and glass ionomer cement.

What is the difference between pacifier, soother, dummy, and teether?

Pacifiers are also known as dummies, binkies, and soothers. They are designed for sucking and resemble a nipple. Teethers are chewing toys designed to help with teething

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