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Which disinfecting wipes protect against corona virus?

List of best disinfecting wipes, which kill corona virus

Distraction Osteogenesis procedure

Distraction osteogenesis technique uses continuous small forces to navigate bone growth with the help of surgical appliance, which gets attached to the bone

What is dental fogger?

Fogger disinfectant is dentistry, aslo known as dental fogger, is a device releasing a chemical in the form of mist

The Effects of Dental Negligence

Consequences of dental negligence and how to deal with negligence issues in dentistry

What is fallow time in dentistry?

Fallow time in dentistry is the time period during which the aerosols settle down to the dental surgery floor

Dental intrusion

Tooth intrusion or dental intrusion is a traumatic action of invading the dental socket apically, due to excessive external force being applied onto the tooth.

Alveolar Fracture

Alveolar sockets host the roots of the teeth within a bony structure called alveolar process. Alveolar fracture can pose risk to the alveolar sockets and teeth

What are wear facets on teeth?

Wear facet is a polished tooth surface, which appears shiny and is caused by mechanical or chemical factors

High School Students Seeking Dental/Medical Careers

Several dental careers to choose from

What are Pulp stones?

Pulp stone is a small calcification of dentin within the pulp chamber of the tooth

Top 10 Air purifiers for dentists in post-Covid era

List of best 10 air purifiers for dental practices

What is dental shimstock

Shimstock in dentistry is a thin foil used to check the occlusion of the teeth and how tight the opposing teeth meet together

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