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I-Gel supraglottic airway

I-Gel is a device made of a gel-like structure - thermoplastic elastomer, used in airway management during emergencies, resuscitation and maintaining patent airway

Tips for ensuring that your dental practice stands out from the crowd and draws in new patients

How can you make your dental office stand out from the rest of the dental practices around you

Denture stomatitis

Denture stomatitis is inflammation of the oral mucosa caused by wearing dentures

 How to Have a Hollywood Smile in 8 Easy Steps

8 steps to achieve a Hollywood smile without much help from the dentist

What Is An Impacted Wisdom Tooth And How To Deal With It

Different ways of wisdom teeth impaction in the alveolar bone. How to deal with an impacted wisdom tooth

What are dental mamelons?

Teeth mamelons or dental mamelons are curves on the incisal edges of newly erupted permanent teeth. They are commonly observed in children or young adults

Reasons Why Healthcare Workers Must Understand Everything About BBP

Bloodborne pathogens, abbreviated as BBP, are pathogenic microorganisms present in the blood

Autoclave 101: Knowing Its Uses and Sterilization Process

How to use the autoclave to sterilize instruments and equipment

Babcock’s Forceps

Babcock's forceps is a soft tissue holding forceps in medical and dental surgery

How To Effectively Deal With A Negligent Healthcare Professional

Way of dealing with negligence in the medical field

What is Anodontia

Anodontia is a genetic medical condition of having no teeth at all

Pulp polyp - everything you need to know

Pulp polyp is abnormal growth of the soft tissues within the core of the tooth, called pulp

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