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Intrapulpal anesthesia

Intrapulpal tooth anesthesia in dentistry means administering the anaesthetic directly into the pulp chamber or the root canals - directly into the tooth nerve

Intraseptal injection in dentistry

Intraseptal dental injection means administering the anaesthetic in the bony septum between the two neighboring teeth. It is used for periodontal surgery, tooth extractions and raising flaps

Does Silver Diamine Fluoride permanently stain teeth?

Silver diamine fluoride is a dental varnish used by dentists to arrest dental caries. Although it is quite effective in stopping tooth decay, SDF causes dark discoloration of the teeth

What Is A Dentist's Role In Managing Sleeping Problems?

Dentists have a major role when it comes to sleep disorders

Facts About Dental Implant Recovery Process

Tooth implant recovery is associated with inflammatory process involving swelling, bruising followed by healing, tissue revascularization and osseointegration of the dental implant

What does MIH mean in dentistry

The abbreviation MIH in dentistry stands for Molar-Incisor Hypomineralization. It presents with poor enamel in different parts of the dentition

Is articaine safe in children as a dental anesthesia?

Articaine can be administered to children safely. It is more efficient than lidocaine but it has more side effects

What is the difference between flossing and taping?

Both dental floss and dental tape are used to clean in between the teeth. Dental tape is wider than the normal floss and covers a bigger interdental surface

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card

People with certain medical and dental conditions in the United States can apply for medical marijuana card. It is legal in a number of states

Five Emergency Methods To Save A Knocked-Out Tooth

5 emergency ways to save a extruded (knocked-out) tooth

How CBD Can Help With Dental Anxiety

It is scientifically proven that CBD products reduce anxiety including fear of dentists and dental procedures

How do I floss around a bridge?

Flossing around dental bridge can be perfomed with floss threader and conventional floss or dental tape

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