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Important Factors That Can Greatly Affect Your Dental Insurance Plan

What to look for, when purchasing dental insurance plan

What is fiberotomy or pericision?

Pericision or fiberotomy is a dental procedure of cutting the periodontal ligament of the tooth

Condensing osteitis

Condensing osteitis appears on x-ray as area with higher bone density. Infection is fought by the body, which creates newly formed bone. This can be attributed to a strong immune system

Tips to choose the right medical supplies

How to control and audit your medical and dental supplies

The Benefits of Braces for Your Teeth

Getting ortho braces can prevent gum disease, tooth decay and jawbone erosion. Teeth alignment can fix your bad bite, correct the teeth crowding and boost your confidence

Is There a Better Alternative to Traditional Braces?

Traditional braces can be substituted with ceramic braces, lingual braces and the new clear aligners

Orthodontics in Children: What First-Time Parents Should Know

Orthodontics is the section of dentistry, which deals with teeth straightening and aligning the dental arches

What to Do When Your Teeth Start Falling Out

Aging teeth can start falling out due to dental problems like decay, periodontal disease and bad dental habits

What OCD Treatment Option Ranks as the Best?

OCD treatments include surgery and invasive treatments, cognitive behavioral therapy, exposure and response therapy, and Deep TMS. Let’s explore further!

What is the difference between bar overdenture and locator overdenture?

Bar overdentures uses a metal bar and clip to retain the prosthesis. Locator overdenture uses metal knob attachments (locators) to stabilize the denture

Same day dentures

Same day dentures, or teeth in one day, is a technique of constructing dentures and fitting it on the same day with contemporary dental methods

7 Amazing Trends That Will Soon Become Normal In The Dental Industry

Innovations in dentistry have gone a far way and are considered a norm these days

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