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When Is The Best Time To Consider Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Several findings can lead to the conclusion that you need to change something in your teeth appearance

What is lateral periodontal cyst?

Lateral periodontal cyst is a dental cyst consisting of fluid-filled sac located at the side of the tooth's root

Tips for Success in Dental School

Here are a few tips and tricks to succeed in dental school

Can I have a tooth extraction if I've got a cold sore?

It is preferable to avoid having dental extractions if you currently have a cold sore. You can pass it onto the dental team and also your skin in the cold sore region is not flexible enough

Everything You Need to Know Before Seeing a Manhattan Endodontist for Treatment

How to find the right endodontist in Manhattan, New York City. Dentist specialising in endodontics is called root canal specialist or endodontist

4 Reasons Why Facebook Ads Are Important for Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare businesses can greatly benefit by promoting their companies through Facebook advertising

Top Instagram Marketing Tips for Dentists

Instagram marketing ideas and tips for dentists and dental practices

Can I have scale and polish dental procedure if I've got a cold sore?

It is better not to have a scale and polish procedure when you've got a cold sore because the

How soon can I eat after tooth extraction?

You should not eat any hard food for 2 hours after tooth extraction. You can still have water and sugar juices in small sips.

How does nutrition affect your oral health

What nutrition is needed for the optimal dental health

5 Signs You Need A New Dentist

These are facts that show you need to find a new dentist

Are bicortical implants better than normal implants for patients who are smokers?

Basal or bicortical tooth implants have higher success rate in smoking patients compared to conventional crestal dental implants

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