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Saving on a Dentist: A Student’s Guide to Dental Health

How a student can be saving on the dental bill by applying several simple principles to their oral health

Taking Kratom Before Going To The Dentist

Kratom can be taken before dental appointment to reduce anxiety and provide pain relief for anxious patients

The Evolution of Dental Technology: Advancements Transforming Oral Health Care

Dentistry has evolved to a stage where digital advancements, artificial inteligence and nano technologies can be applied for better dental quality and patient experience

Dental Health Across Cultures: Exploring Traditions And Practices

7 cultural ways of improving dental health that show the cultural differencies in several nations

Anxious No More Your Roadmap to a Calm and Confident Dental Experience

Dental anxiety is a common phenomenon that affects people of all ages, often leading to delayed or skipped dental appointments

9 Shocking Things About Teeth You Didn't Know

Apart from functionality, our teeth can be a source of fascinating facts and stories. Check out these nine shocking things about teeth you didn’t know.

Dental Care on a Budget: Affordable Oral Hygiene Tips for College Students

Good dentistry can be achived even on a budget. However, it needs to be planned well to cover certain fundamentals and keep the dental care quality high

Managing Post-Dental Surgery Pain: Tips for a Comfortable Recovery

Post operative recovery after dental surgery can involve taking pain killers, antibiotics, changing your diet and applying cold compress on the area

Cosmetic Dentistry: Top Procedures for Enhancing Your Smile and Well-Being

Best performing cosmetic procedures according to costemic dentists and their esthetic results

How Does Smoking CBD Vape Pens Affect Your Dental Health?

Did you know that CBD vape pens are great not only for stress, pain, and sleep but also for dental health? Learn more about how CBD protects your oral health.

5 Simple Things You Can Do to Prevent Cavities

Several tips for dental patients to avoid tooth caries

Tooth Decay Prevention for College Students - A Must-Read Guide by Phil Collins from EssayService

Discover effective ways to prevent tooth decay while enjoying college life in this post by Phil Collins of EssayService. Don’t let your sweet tooth dim your smile! Learn more now.

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