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Becoming Independent: A Guide For Your First Solo Dental Appointment

Several things you need to do before going to the dentist on your own for the first time

Proper dental and oral care for an adult

Oral hygiene habits that will improve your dental health in the long run

Be Creative: 5 ideas on How to Add Creativity to Your Dental Practice

5 useful tips to market your dental practice in a creative and efficient way

Recurrent herpes labialis

Herpes simplex labialis is a recurrent infection of the mouth and lip area caused by HSV (herpes simplex virus). It is a contagious condition also known as oral herpes

6 Important Things To Know About Invisalign Treatment Before Getting One

6 factors to consider before starting your Invisalign teeth straightening

I can see a bone spur in my gums. What should I do?

Bone spicules normally appear after traumatic surgical extraction of a tooth. Bone spurs in gums should be removed

Exposed tooth root - What may I expect now

Tooth root exposure is the recession of gum tissue around the cervical part of the tooth. The area looks darker or yellower compared to the tooth crown, which is white in color

What is crown-to-root ratio?

Height of the clinical dental crown and the height of clinical tooth root form the so called crown to root ratio in dentistry

5 best things you can do for your teeth

Best practices to maintain your dental health

Merc Sol homeopathic remedy for toothache

Mercurius Solubilis, also known as Merc Sol, is a homeopathic medication used to reduce inflammation and infection. Merc Sol can be used for dental issues and toothache

Top 10 antibiotics for dental infection

Best 10 antibiotics prescribed by dentists to fight dental infection, tooth abscess and gum inflammation

Do tooth roots need to be removed

Yes, teeth roots need to be removed surgically because they might be a source of chronic infection in the mouth

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