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Top 10 Electric Toothbrushes for 2020

This is a list of the best electric toothbrushes up until 2020

What is the difference between dental assistant, dental hygienist and dental therapist?

Dental therapists provide both clinical and therapeutic care while dental hygienists treat various stages of gum disease and gingivitis.

How to clean my Dentures

Tips and tricks when cleaning your removable dentures

Top 10 best pain killers for TMJ pain

List of the best pain killers to treat and relieve TMJ symptoms (TMD)

How Betel Nut chewing affects your teeth and gums

Betel nut chewing can cause gum inflammation, tooth fractures and enamel discoloration

Why do I keep getting tartar build ups when I brush every day?

Teeth tartar, also known as dental calculus, is a hard substance formed by calcification of dental plaque. It consists of calcium and phosphates stuck to the surface of the teeth

What is Aerophagia?

Aerophagia is a medical condition of swallowing big amounts of air, which results in various symptoms resembling signs of indigestion.

What is dental granuloma?

Dental granuloma, also knowns as tooth abscess or dental abscess, is a intra oral infection caused by bacteria

What are orally disintegrating tablets?

Oral disintegrating tablets are known as meltlets or mouth-dissolving pills. When they get in contact with the tongue, they melt and get absorbed through the oral mucosa to quickly reach the patient's blood stream.

Teeth Whitening – Methods and Tips for A Bright Smile

Alternative methods for teeth whitening and professional whitening products with a peroxide base.

Can you over bleach your teeth?

Unhealthy addiction to teeth whitening is known as bleachorexia. If overused, the bleaching agent can damage the enamel, making teeth sensitive, chalky, brittle, and more prone to decay.

Bionator orthodontic appliance

Bionator is a removable orthodontic appliance used to develop growth of the lower jaw of children from the age of 7-10 years. Bionator needs to be worn all the time.

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